Master Builders Solutions® by MBCC-Group provides advanced chemical solutions for new construction and maintenance, repair or rehabilitation of structures. Their employees form a global team of construction chemical experts whose passion is to find solutions to specific challenges at all stages of construction and throughout the life cycle of the structure.


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For many companies, Excel is still the tool of choice for the calculation of consumer goods and means of production. Especially the versatility coupled with accurate data processing plays a major role. However, working with Excel shows clear weaknesses, especially in practical implementation outside the office. For employees outside the office, Excel’s user interface, which is directed at the desktop PC, is unwieldy and impractical for mobile devices.

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In accordance with insinno’s corporate philosophy, each application is developed specifically for and in close cooperation with the respective customer. Only an application that is precisely tailored to the customer’s needs can accurately map their complex order processes.
The MBCC Group uses this application for Master Builders Solutions in tunnel construction, for example. It calculates how much concrete, water and MBCC additives are needed based on tunnel diameter and length. Measurement results, such as the strength development of the concrete, are recorded and visualised in the app directly on the construction site. The engineers on site can then use the display to plan the further use of materials.

   What our customers say

The team around Stefan Prager has been absolutely flexible and reliable in adapting to our needs, in an atmosphere of open and constructive discussion at all times. I can absolutely recommend the cooperation with insinno!

Dr. Wolfgang Aldrian

Head of Technical Management Global Underground Construction, MBCC Group

Individual solutions for individual problems, fast and efficient via our iCore modular software system!


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