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insinno and instagreen help companies to initiate energy saving measures more quickly. The jointly developed tool ENERGY-SAVER helps significantly.



Vulnerable Companies


Energy Costs


According to a study by the BDI, more than a third of German companies fear for their existence in view of the drastic price increase for energy. Due to the complexity of possible countermeasures, lack of resources and know-how, companies find it difficult to implement effective measures quickly.


The Energy Saver simplifies energy saving considerably and accelerates implementation in the company. Concrete best-practice measures are filtered according to company divisions and topics and the appropriate measures are selected. The user receives all the information relevant to him or her in order to speed up implementation. Information on procedures, potential, funding and financing is provided and proven service providers are named. In addition, the tool enables tracking of the initiated measures.

   Market Voices:

“Implementing energy saving measures is very complex and takes too long for the current problems. Technical, cross-organisational and financial aspects have to be taken into account. The Energy Saver helps companies to quickly find suitable measures, implement them and create transparency across organisations.”

Stefan Stübing

Head of Sustainable Finance, ABN AMRO ABF

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