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Drones are becoming increasingly popular. But what if you cause damage while operating them? Misguided drones can cause significant personal injury and property damage, where normal business or personal liability insurance is not always effective. That’s why HDI wants to offer its customers the best possible liability insurance for their drones.


For HDI, insinno developed the first automated online completion system for drone owner liability insurance to keep the insurance completion process quick and easy for the customer. Customers can conveniently choose between different tariffs and conclude them online in an uncomplicated manner. In a customer portal, contracts can be viewed at any time and managed independently, which means that the insurer hardly has to spend any time on processing and consulting.
All important elements of the insurance contract were integrated into the booking system. These include, among other things, the creation of sales organisations and agents with automatic commissioning, flexible product and price configuration and an electronic payment system. This allows processing costs to be saved and contracts to be concluded very efficiently. With this e-commerce solution, HDI was the first provider of drone insurance with online conclusion.

   What our customers say

As of now the majority of our applications for drones weighing less than 25 kilograms are concluded and processed fully electronically – each of these processes was much more time-consuming before the integration of the insinno solution.

Dr. Alexander Malik

Head of Aviation, HDI Global

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