BASF’s Glasurit brand can look back on a hundred years of experience in coatings. The Glasurit name stands for the highest quality standards, first-class coatings products and innovative research results. As the world’s leading expert in automotive refinishing, Glasurit offers its customers suitable solutions to make refinishing easier, safer and more economical.


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Until now, direct sales between Glasurit and its customers have mainly been analogue. Orders were placed in person, by phone, fax or email and taken manually by BASF’s office staff. This process took a lot of effort, especially for repeated purchases, and the buying process was lengthy. A user-friendly alternative was needed to simplify the ordering process for all parties involved, including on-site at the customer’s premises.

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In cooperation with insinno, the customised Glasurit Scan2order ordering app was developed, based on insinno’s OrderApp. With the OrderApp, products and consumables can be ordered quickly and easily via smartphone or tablet, and thanks to the portfolio search function and barcode scanners, directly on site. By setting favourites from the product portfolio and the option of ordering to multiple delivery addresses and billing addresses for different locations directly in the app, the customer has full control over the entire ordering process. The ordering processes via Orderapp are user-friendly and now significantly faster and more cost-efficient, as the order goes directly into BASF’s own system without any detours. The office staff can now deal with technical questions and advise customers even more efficiently.
The majority of orders now go smoothly directly from the coating centres via the app to the inventory management system at BASF Coatings in Münster or to ten of the European country headquarters. This is because the OrderApp – also in customised designs – is now in use throughout EMEA in over 12 languages and ensures a leaner, faster ordering process.

   What our customers say

Our project team at BASF had not yet gained much experience with the development of ordering apps. This is where insinno’s advice very helpful and brought the Car Refinish Division of BASF Coatings forward as a whole. The experience and expertise that Sven Kummert and Stefan Prager brought to BASF as insinno’s project leads was worth its weight in gold.

Eva Allkämper

Digital Solutions, BASF

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